Friday, October 14, 2011

Paula Radcliffe How to Run Book review

How to Run by Paula Radcliffe

2 weeks ago i borrowed the new book from the library, Paula Radcliffe How to Run. This book was published earlier this year. A highly recommended book, with interesting tips, recommendation and advice from Paula. It's like having Paula as a running coach.

i would recommend runners to check out this book. She is a highly competitive runner with world record marathon time under her belt, she shared some very good knowledge in the book. For us, we are just reading for more understanding and see how it can be applied to our own races.

gaining an edge

The importance of your state of mind in determing the outcome of a race can't be overestimated

in the zone

mind games

The importance of your mind in determing the outcome of a race is critical. Learn to lift yourself to the next level by increasing your mental strength

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