Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 Race Review

Jogging track in Fermont, San Francisco. It was cold & raining during my visit. Didn't run, but took a picture. 

I came back from a US trip on the 26 Nov, visited San Francisco & Las Vegas. The Standard Chartered run falls on the 2 Dec, without training during the last two weeks, it was going to be tough.

As usual the 10km run within Sentosa is quite tough, but i'm ready for it as this is the 2nd time running this course. The part i hated most is running at the sentosa underground carpark (about 1km+), with the car engines running, i'm kind of out of breath, hoping to get out as soon as possible.

Overall it was a challenging course, i do not want to run the same course again next year.

 medal for this year

the race result is out within a day.

A total of 7462 finished the race, at 2:27 it is considered slow (due to the tough course), however this time is within the top 20%.

Runs for 2012, sundown, safra army half marathon, adidas kings of the roads and finally standard chartered

 completed 10 years of distance running, i'm taking a break from standard chartered as i intend to run overseas.

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